Podcast: 5THREAD by Joanna Czutkowna

“Joanna Czutkowna talks to Leigh Burns about the development of women’s cricket brand Lacuna Sports, cricketwear designed for women by women.”

Podcast: Cricket Without Borders

“A wonderful chat with Leigh Burns, a woman who is changing the landscape for girls and women’s clothing in the sport of cricket.”

The Telegraph: How female-specific spikes could be a game-changer in cricket

“Founder Leigh gives her perspective on the recent debates about women wearing whites to play, and why it is so important to design for purpose when it comes to women’s cricket.”

Podcast: Women’s Cricket Chat

“For years women and girls have had to play cricket in men’s pads, clothing and helmets. Nothing fitted properly, nothing was female-specific and it seriously impacted participation and performance.”

Podcast: Noughtie Child

“We had the absolute pleasure of chatting to Katy and Leigh from Lacuna Sports. Their mission is to remove the barriers to movement and ambition, so that all sportswomen can walk out onto a pitch feeling confident, comfortable and able to perform at their best.”

The News Movement

“Cricket kit has been modelled on men. The shape, the size… and then you’ve got the fact that clothing is traditionally white, which isn’t the best when girls are on their period.”

Women’s Running

“Lacuna Sports offers these bikini-style leakproof pants as part of their women’s cricket collection, but they are an option for runners too.”