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We take responsibility for what we produce

At the end of the day, cricket is best on a grass pitch with clear skies and sunshine.
It wouldn’t make sense to destroy our environment in order to make clothes, would it?
Therefore, we consider the environmental impact of everything we do, from design to delivery.

What does it really mean to be a responsible sportswear brand?

Taking responsibility and being accountable for our impact as a brand is embedded in the Lacuna Sports DNA. We understand there is a long way to go, we might even make mistakes along the way, but we are committed to this journey, and strive to be part of the solution.

We work with our team members, our partners and suppliers and the wider industry to seek new ways of working, ways of producing and ways of innovating in order to minimise our environmental impact as we maximise our intention to provide female cricketers with what they need to perform at their best at all levels of the game.

We will keep you, our consumers and supporters, up to date on our progress as we evolve, and will be transparent about our challenges as well as our breakthroughs. 

At the highest level, our three pillars of responsibility are:

We care about creating long-lasting value, high-performance products whilst limiting our impact on the environment by:

Committing to sustainability

as a business and as a team, making sure we consider the environmental impact of everything we do

Sourcing high quality

responsibly made and environmentally considered materials that are made to last


avoiding waste and limiting our carbon footprint

Working with reputable partners

who meet only the best standards for environmental, moral and ethical production

No one is perfect, but we will always do our best to keep our pitches green.

Responsibility 3


The very foundation of Lacuna Sports is to support women and we design for this purpose. From the beginning, we set out to fill a gap in sportswear and offer women a solution to feeling confident, comfortable and able to focus on their game, not their kit.

Our cricketwear has been designed with women of all sizes, shapes, ages, nationalities and playing ability in mind. We have tested it along the way, and still have a group of committed women who help try out any new styles.

Even behind the scenes, Lacuna Sports is powered by women. Founded by Leigh Burns with her cricket-playing daughter Caroline in mind, our wider head office team is made up of women, as are many stages of our supply chain including our Portuguese manufacturers.


A key part of our brand’s approach to sustainability is tackling our impact on the environment. We want to ensure we only claim what we can back up, and where we meet challenges, we are transparent with our choices.

One of the fundamental increasing environmental threats is the tipping point of our carbon budget.

We believe the more we can measure, the more we can improve. We will get this data by performing Carbon Footprint Assessments to measure the impacts of our collections, and use this data to indicate where we can reduce our carbon output and how to ultimately work towards carbon neutrality.

For our first collection, 77% of fabrics came from Portugal, transported via electric car 97km from the mills to our factory. 100% of the collection was produced in Portugal, and our production partner shares our conscious approach to carbon reduction: they are currently installing solar panels on the factory roof! The Majority of our clothing includes Polygiene Stay Fresh Anti Odour Control. This means you don’t have to wash clothes as often, which reduces both water and electricity usage. Clothes that are washed more mindfully will also last longer.


Our ambition is to be as circular as possible. To make a product fully circular, everything must be able to go back into the lifecycle to be reused or regenerated without causing waste.

We deliberately chose to work with partners who display their own efforts towards circularity. Our production partners in Portugal send all leftover fabric scraps to a local car manufacturer to use as seat filling.

We hope our players wear their Lacuna Sports clothing for years, however we also want to make sure that we provide a home for used clothing when the time has come. We will always gladly receive used cricket clothing from individual players or teams (whether it is ours or not), and make sure it has a new home with another cricketer. We are currently looking for partnerships with others in the cricket world and wider sportswear industry for used clothes, while we await a robust and industry-wide clothing recycling solution.


Soon, we want to be able to share tangible goals for our social impact, carbon consciousness and circularity, in order to measure, gather data, remain accountable and evolve. This will help us track our progress and ensure we can continue to support our responsibility mission in an honest and active way.


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